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First deployed November 2016, more features planned. Your feedback is welcome!

A project by Jonathan Rochkind. Github Blog

There have been several ruby and Rails feed aggregators in the past, but none were still functional and maintained. I missed them, and I thought a good aggregator could help increase cohesion of the ruby community. So I built this as a spare-time side project.

I intend Rubyland as a more contemporary iteration of 'planet'-style aggregation, which I think still serves a use despite social aggregator sites.

The source code of Rubyland is open source, and available on Github


I develop and operate Rubyland to provide a service to the community, in my spare time to my income-generating work. I don't do it as a profit-making activity.

Rubyland is pretty cheap to run (currently under $30/month), but I'm just paying that out of my pocket to support the project, so if anyone is interested in a modest sponsorship of, the community support would really mean a lot to me, and help keep Rubyland from costing me money. Consider it "public radio style" support.

Please consider sponsoring me via Github Sponsors. does not do and has never done any content paid-placement or sponsored "guest posts" or reviews. Please do not contact me offering those standard (often non-disclosed) paid-placement or standard marketing parternships. Any content decisions on are always my own editorial judgement to serve the community.


Rubyland runs on:

  • one heroku 'hobby' dyno, with free heroku postgres Hobby Dev. Rubyland can get away with only one small dyno, because it's mostly cached content. (A free dyno would have worked, but the paid hobby dyno gives us SSL on our custom hostname. Thanks to our sponsor for covering the cost.)
  • namecheap domain registrar
  • cloudflare free DNS
  • mailgun free account for MX server for, and SMTP for admin alerts from app. (registered directly at gives you somewhat higher limits/features than heroku add-on free tier)

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Please do contact me with any feedback, questions, concerns, problems, suggestions, or thanks, at